I coach full ring and 6-max limit hold'em for students up to $2/$4 online. If you are interested in live coaching up to $10/$20 in the LA area, please send me an e-mail. My main coaching language is English, but I can also teach in spanish and german. My online coaching program focuses on 3 areas:

Thorough Session Review:You send me 100-150 hands you played in a session (folds included) and I look over them privately. We later meet on Skype for about an hour and go over certain crucial hands and decisions. Most importantly, I point out to you with common problem spots and leaks I see in your game and give you exercises to work on certain key points. 2.5 hours.

Sweat Session:You play a session at your normal game and stakes for 30-45 minutes while I watch over Teamviewer/Skype. While you play, I ask you questions about the hand currently playing, without actually telling you what to do. The last 15 minutes we discuss decisive hands or some key points deeper. 1 hour

Common Spots:You send me 10-15 hands of a common spot, e.g. "turn play with unimproved AK" and we go over the hands and discuss under which board textures, opponent reads, potential later street implications we would take certain actions. 1 hour

Rates: 75$/hour. Discounts available for regular students.

Also check out my coaching profile on Deucescracked.